Waves to Wellness

Waves to Wellness

“Waves to Wellness” will support enhancements such as an elevator, aquatic amenities and a covered walkway connecting the pool with the existing Adult Recreation Center building.

“The journey to wellness can begin with a tiny ripple and grow into an unstoppable wave!”
– Morgan Rodgers, Assistant Recreation and Parks Director, City of Roswell

Waves to Wellness – a fundraising campaign to benefit Roswell by providing:

  • A ripple like effect starting the waves to wellness;
  • Essential support of the new therapeutic pool project;
  • Enhancements such as an elevator, aquatic amenities and covered walkway;
  • Permanent recognition on 5 indoor glass panels featuring a modern wave design;
  • Key contribution levels for donors, local leaders, and regional corporations; and
  • Waves of acknowledgement from your community!!

Ride the Waves to Wellness and make your mark on the pool facility. Be the first in each wave category and the installation/etching costs are included. Your early-bird donation will go even further and benefit more people! Let’s make some waves together!

Once again we are partnering with the Roswell Ramblers’ Board. Together their Board and the Friends of Rowell Parks’ Board have pledged $1,000 each starting the ripple we need for our Waves to Wellness fundraising campaign. Please join us!