Play It Forward Program

Play It Forward Program

All children of Roswell should be able to take advantage of our city’s Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs programming. In today’s economic times, that is not always possible for everyone. Some families are facing the loss of a job or great reduction in income. The choice for their children to play sports, participate in gymnastics, dance, or learn to draw and paint takes a backseat to paying the mortgage or buying food. This situation is temporary for many families.

The Play It Forward Program, is an attempt to help bridge the gap between tough times and better times ahead.

Play It Forward is now accepting donations. These donations will be given out as “loans” to families who want to participate but can’t afford to play now. The “loan” can be repaid in the future when things are better. The “repayment” will then be used for another Play It Forward opportunity.

Join with the Friends of the Roswell Parks and help Play It Forward. No amount is too small, but the rewards are huge.

100% of your gift will be used to help a child in need participate in the City of Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department’s programs.

The Friends of the Roswell Parks, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity and all donations are tax deductible.

Make Checks Payable To

The Friends of Roswell Parks, Inc.
38 Hill Street, Suite 100
Roswell, GA 30075