1. Is there a phone number or webpage that I can visit to see if my game, event or class is cancelled due to rain?

Weather Website
All Programs East of GA 400: 770-594-6508
All Programs West of GA 400: 770-641-3836

2.I would like to rent an athletic field for a party, picnic family reunion, event, etc.. Who do I contact?

Jeff Knighton, Superintendent of Athletics 770-641-3705

3.How do I reserve a park for a private event?

No one can reserve a “whole” park. We do have shelters that can be rented in various parks around Roswell. To reserve a shelter or see the availability of a shelter please click here.We also have an event center on the Chattahoochee River (Azalea Road), Roswell River Landing, that holds up to 200 people. Please contact Debbie Ephrem at 770-594-6154 for more information.
Reserve a shelter

4.I would like to sponsor an event, but I don’t know who to contact?

Morgan Rodgers, Director 770-641-3705

5.I have some free time and would like to get involved in various events and activities but don’t know who to contact?

Anyone can go online to roswellgov.com and click on Recreation & Parks and scroll down to our online brochure to see all programs offered, as well as register for the program. They can also call 770/641-3705 for information on programs and any volunteer hours.

6.I would like to deduct my summer camp expenses from my taxes. What is your Tax ID number?

However, we are not a daycare service and the IRS may not accept this as a legitimate expense on tax returns.