Mission Statement

The Roswell Recreation and Parks Department continues to strive to meet the leisure needs of the citizens of Roswell by providing quality comprehensive recreational opportunities and quality comprehensive parks and facilities.

Main Contact Personnel for the Parks

Jay Small

President, Friends Of The Roswell Parks

Jeff Pruitt

Deputy Director of Recreation & Parks


It is the duty of the Recreation Commission of the City of Roswell to provide, establish, maintain and conduct a city-wide public recreation program: to participate actively in local, state and national recreation affairs: to educate the citizens of the City of Roswell by dissemination among them of information concerning development and progress of the recreation program. The Commission shall have the power to conduct any form of recreation or cultural activity that will employ the leisure time of the people of the community in a constructive and wholesome manner, and for such purposes are empowered to carry on such facilities and activities on any of the properties owned or controlled by the City of Roswell, with consent of the Mayor and Council.


The Recreation Commission, while having many functions, has but one common goal: to provide helpful and creative recreation programs, leisure activities and facilities to meet the needs of the City of Roswell citizens, regardless of race, creed, age or physical condition. 
The objectives for meeting this goal are:
• To ascertain the tangible and intangible recreation needs of the citizens through face-to-face contact, questionnaires, groups and personal observations.
• To continually reevaluated and reorganize programs to best meet the changing needs of the community.
• To provide skilled professional leadership for programs and activities.
• To provide a varied program encompassing activities designed for both sexes and for all age groups.
• To provide well-maintained and well-planned parks and passive areas for the public’s benefit.
• To provide and maintain facilities, buildings, and equipment on these grounds to meet the citizen’s aesthetic and physical needs
• To provide healthful recreation activities for the community.
• To plan for the City’s future needs as well as provide for the present ones.
• To maintain high standards of safety and sanitation in all public parks and buildings in order that public safety might be enhanced.


• 6:00 pm, Roswell City Hall, Room 220
• Last Thursday of each month

Current Members

The Commission shall consist of a Board with seven (7) Commissioners, each of whom shall serve without pay; the term of office shall be five (5) years; or until their successors are appointed; at least one member’s term shall expire annually thereafter; the commissioners shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Roswell, pursuant to the direction of Section 69-604 code of Georgia, annotated. In addition to the seven appointed members, the Chairperson of the City Council’s Recreation and Parks Committee shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Commission.
• Debra Ewing, Chairperson
• Rick Dreger
• Angelia Parham
• Tom Pratt
• Jay Small
• Steve Stroud
• Theo Keyserling


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